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2/27/2020 1:59:08 AM 
Your Success Is Our Business
YOUR SUCCESS Is Our Business
Our Focus

We focus on resolving the “soft” issues that improve the “hard” numbers of the bottom line.

Chiron Company works with executives, senior leaders and their organizations to increase success 

Our clients speak for us and our quality work that is focused, concise, and produces results 

We specialize in aligning employee capabilities with strategy, improving focus on precise issues that deliver immediate results, increasing fuller participation and commitment to goals, and improving the executive presence and leadership




We know people and business. 


Competition is fierce today.  The leading edge for success is often determined by Quality and Creativity.

Who is the greatest Steward of Quality in your work area?
   Do you know how Creativity Is Integrated? 
       Do you know when Creativity is Lost? 

Having to do more with less?   Difficult to maintain Quality & Creativity?      
Jerry Browning, founder of Chiron Company, focuses on these matters because she understands that longevity in today’s marketplace depends on many talents to provide quality products and services, along with positive customer experience.  Today business is relationships and the experience of expectations being met satisfactorily.  Both of those require effective communication.

We help with this from many perspectives.  We help business leaders impart their philosophy in ways that  enable consistent understandings and positive attitudes to prevail with employees and constituents. We help employees create substantive ways of communicating and interacting throughout the organization and with external customers.  Increasing the communication and engagement to levels that are real and focused on positive outcomes can reawaken passion.  It also rebuilds trust and commitment, so creativity and quality flourish throughout organizations.

While effective communication is enormously important, it is imperative that these initiatives cut into the current situation including strategy, vision, and goals.   We love helping companies and people, and communication is just one area of our expertise.  We assess each situation to help co-create and develop approaches for the precise results needed.

In any business today, Work is communication, interactions, and relationships.

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