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1/20/2020 3:38:41 PM 
Your Success Is Our Business
YOUR SUCCESS Is Our Business
Our Purpose :

Chiron Company is dedicated to providing services and products that facilitate positive change for individuals and organizations.  Our goals are to create development experiences that produce specific results to impact the vitality of all involved for increased morale, productivity, efficiency, and profitability.


About Us


I believe that people are striving for fulfillment, success, and contentment in their lives -- and that sometimes something becomes out of alignment within the person, group, or organization. I founded Chiron Company to provide resources to individuals and organizations for thriving success.”  - Jerry Browning

With over 25 years of experience working in corporate and non-profit environments, Jerry Browning combines theories of business, organizational communication, human behaviors, and ecology of systems.  Jerry’s strength is facilitating positive change in people groups and organizations.  Jerry’s unique business background as a business professional and business consultant, coupled with her education and experience in organizational communication and psychotherapy, enable her to quickly assess people, groups, and organizations and bring acute awareness to what matters most.  Jerry’s reputable and extensive client list illustrates her effectiveness and her ability to work in various industries and sectors of the global economy.


Angie Hollerich, founder and president of Brass Ring Productions, Ltd., is an experienced financial consultant, professional speaker and published author. Brass Ring Productions Ltd. Delivers programs to organizations that have leaders who understand that educating their employees and member in the areas of financial success, communication, and personal development increases productivity and retention. Her work spans government, non-profit, corporate, and associations. She quickly assesses skills and capabilities and brings out the best in the individuals she works with. She is a certified Hermann-Brain-Dominance-Indicator facilitator. She sets the tone of high-level professionalism, her expectations are clear, and she cares about the individual experiences involved at every level. Angie provides financial literacy education for employees and has authored 8 books about finances. Angie has written numerous articles on finance for The Columbus Dispatch, Coopers & Lybrand Newsletter, The Senior Times, Business First and Today’s Columbus Woman. Her work has been feature in New Jersey Daily Recorder, Small Business News, The Columbus Dispatch, Ohio Magazine, This Week, MSNBC and NBC among others.

Roberta (Bobbie) Harpur founded Harpur Consulting in 2015 to help individuals work more effectively to achieve higher levels of success. She is an experienced financial consultant, business consultant, coach, and sales trainer who helps individuals and organizations. Bobbie brings calm insights in challenging situations and helps activate positive change. She quickly identifies strengths and opportunities and helps develop awareness of blind spots. Bobbie’s work includes private and public sector businesses and organizations. Her areas of expertise include management and sales training. Her vast experience in retirement planning and financial stress enable her to be an asset to employers wanting to provide success for their employees. She holds life insurance and financial FINRA licenses, WABC coach certification, and bachelor degree from Governors State University. Bobbie’s positive spirit and ability to engage her audiences of all sizes provide experiences that are memorable and take-away value.

Virginia Macali, JD, MS founded High Point Transitions in 1995 to support awareness, change, growth, and learning in individuals. As a Certified Integral Coach, Virginia is dedicated to the full development of her clients. She has worked with a variety of people in business, education, government, and non-profit organizations. She also works with individuals in transition and those seeking wellness and balance. Virginia’s expertise includes leadership development, human development, executive coaching, increasing awareness, wellbeing, resilience and stress management. Virginia’s expertise includes retirement success and fulfillment, since retirement is not all about the money. She helps uncover important aspects of work identity, finding purpose and meaning, family considerations, and work alternatives. She holds a BA from Wittenburg University, an MS from University of Dayton, and a JD from Capital University. Virginia is certified in Retirement Options, The Leadership Circle, Sixth Discipline Facilitator, New Ventures West Integral Coach, and is an Ohio licensed attorney. Virginia brings valuable insights that help individuals and groups discover more opportunities and to build resilience.

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