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Your Success Is Our Business
YOUR SUCCESS Is Our Business

What We Do 


We are expert coaches who work with your executives to notch up the skills for success.

We are dedicated to the coaching profession and know how to help your business and your leaders resolve barriers to the success desired. Our founder, Jerry Browning, has been President of International Coach Federation Central Ohio Coaches and also serves on international committees to further the coaching profession while maintaining high standards of practice.

We've developed clear processes for coaching and create the most precise and potent fit for your organization, the work and the culture. Partnering with your staff, we quickly develop a timetable and enlist resources to set the coaching into motion. Because coaching requires an excellent relationship between the coach and client, we are happy to provide a no-cost meeting through which each party can explore the fit for the coaching work. Our coaches are seasoned business professionals who are ready to become acquainted with you and your business. Let's get started. Contact us today.

Many seek our coaching for Leadership Development, Manager Effectiveness, Career Planning, Team Building, Transition, Succession, Executive Presence, Sales Success, Family Changes, Stress Management, and Relationship Challenges.

Through strength-based processes, we help you with challenge and support to:

  • Clarify Your Goals
  • Sustain Focus
  • Marshal Resources
  • Bolster Challenges
  • Enhance Relationshiops
  • Improve Executive & Personal Presence
  • Learn to use yourself in ways that produce greater efficiency and satisfaction
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“Jerry Browning helps me regain balance, sharpen my focus, and maintain confidence in my own ability and skills.” - Coaching client with new executive position

We are ready to help make differences that matter to you.


refine - is designed to increase capacity, resourcing, and sustainability

Jerry helps other coaches with the support and challenge needed to advance professionally and hone themselves as the instrument of coaching work. She is an advocate for coaching supervision and is seeing an increase of coaching supervision in the US. She trained at Oxford Brookes University for Coaching Supervision with Tatiana Bachkirova. Her ongoing professional development includes workshops, conferences and working with a coaching supervisor.

Jerry created the refine coaching supervision model to provide structure for those learning to be engaged in supervision and also for those learning to be a coaching supervisor.

Jerry Browning is a member of the following:

  • (ICF) International Coach Federation since 2003 and was ICF Columbus Ohio Chapter President and Board Member, was mentor to new Chapter Presidents for ICF US
  • (WABC) Worldwide Association of Business Coaches - Certified Business Coach (CBC), coach training faculty
  • (AC) Association for Coaching
  • (EMCC) European Mentoring and Coaching Council
  • (AOCS) Association of Coaching Supervisors
  • Coaching Supervision Network of the Americas
  • Coach Supervision Training with Oxford Brooks University

Contact Jerry for more information about individual or group coaching and coaching supervision

ac aocs ICF wabc


Internal coaches have unique challenges of being part of the system of the organization. Confidentiality is paramount for successful coaching, and often the coaches are secret keepers. As people practitioners, professional coaches need support to alleviate pressures and burdens of clients and the organization.

refine Peer Supervision Training was developed for situations where there is no access to a trained coaching supervisor. The program equips professional coaches to provide support for one another. Foundational coaching supervision concepts are introduced, and phases of training are available for cumulative learning about how to prepare to be supervised and how to provide supervision in a peer structure. Participants begin practice immediately. Customized programs help target specific organizational needs. The program recommends ongoing learning and eventual full training in coach supervision, and to also engage with a trained coach supervisor, if possible.


Jerry Browning has helped develop three internal coaching programs in organizations, still highly functional ten and twelve years later. With decades of business and consulting experience, Jerry understands how coaching initiatives can benefit associates, customers, culture, and the bottom line. She has been a consultant to organizations seeking internal coaching and helps identify the critical purpose, design, governance, and desired outcomes for coaching programs specific to each organization.

She provides ongoing support for internal programs that includes assessment, continuing education, training, and coaching supervision. With years of experience working with internal coaches, she understands the unique challenges and opportunity that are part of internal coaching. From confidentiality and secret keeping to heightening curiosity and fresh attitudes whilst being and living in the culture and organization, Jerry has created approaches, techniques, and supervision models especially for internal coaches.



KNOWING YOURSELF is important to fully employ who you are, utilize your life optimally, and to also appreciate the differences in others.

We offer easy tools to help with this process of identifying strengths and becoming further acquainted with the richness that makes each individual unique. 

  • DISC is quickly becoming the most popular instrument in business today.  An online tool, it provides information about behavior that is valuable in hiring, team-building, development, and succession planning.
  • PIAV  - Personal Interests Attitudes and Values brings insight for all kinds of business interactions and life situations.  Also online.
  • The Forte Instrument is completed online and takes 10 minutes creating reports of information about how you perceive yourself, communication style, how you think others perceive you, and group dynamic information.
  • The Myers-Briggs Type Instrument (MBTI) is the most widely used assessment in the world. 

Our tools are online with private access that easy and quick.  We can also conduct group events.
Group reports are also available for team building and group work.   

A Journey of Self-Discovery lies ahead.
Please Contact Us for more information about Assessments and How to Begin

“It is amazing how much more confidence I feel after doing the DISC and PIAV.  It is like I can give myself permission to use the strengths I have.” - Individual coaching client





“Jerry deals with real issues and how to solve them.” - Member of Management Team, Columbus OH

“She is common sense and practical.” - Participant at Caterpillar Regional Conference, Columbus OH

“Best session!” - Workshop Participant, Dayton OH

“She is a very good presenter, energetic, well-spoken.” - Participant of Government Finance Officers Association Cleveland, OH


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