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Your Success Is Our Business
YOUR SUCCESS Is Our Business

What We Do 

Business Success Requires:
  Positive Relationships…  






We are ready to help you
and your business thrive.


Our consultation processes are designed to make the greatest impact of change throughout the organization. From industry shifts, growth, new product development, succession planning, family business issues, downsize, and revisioning – we help provide processes through which deeper commitment prevails – bringing efficiency, excellence, and pride into work and outcomes.

  • Leadership Strategy Alignment
    • Leaders must be able to give clear messages about strategy. With change happening faster all the time, leaders must also create confidence while things are shifting. We help leaders prepare to effectively handle inquiry and resistance in ways that foster curiosity and buy-in from associates building confidence and resilience.
  • Conflict Resolution
    • Conflict is natural in life and work. Conflict is often ‘the currency’ for change because it is a signal that something is needed. Learning how to welcome differences and to develop ways to uncover deep issues creates culture for strong accountability.
  • Integrating Wellbeing and Financial Stress Provisions
    • We consult with all sizes of employers on financial stress, which is a growing challenge for wellbeing. Financial stress causes ‘knowing-doing’ gaps. Financial literacy alone often does not help employees take action. We provide live and virtual experiences that fill the gap of self-directed education and help employees participate in financial literacy education, retirement benefits, health savings and other benefits.
    • We also help identify what your employees need most through focus groups and surveys.
    • We partner with NEFE (National Endowment for Financial Education) and PFEEF (Personal Finance Education Endowment Fund) for current research, service providers, and free resources to employers, especially for small organizations.
  • Building Customized Internal Coaching Programs
    • We build customized internal coaching programs inside organizations. Leaders and managers need coaching skills today. Many organizations use outside coaches for their executives, and even more organizations are choosing to build coaching into their work and culture. We train your people to be coaches, we provide train-the-trainer for your staff, and we stay with you to integrate coaching into your organization.


“I have worked with many consultants over the years in my legal practice, but I have never been as impressed as I was with Chiron Company.  Our work with Chiron improved our organization immensely.  Their work fills the gap between  theory and practical application.  We have noticed a  huge difference in our day-to-day operations, even a year later. Our firm is now a more pleasant place to work for all of our employees.”     
- Partner of Columbus Law Firm



Businesses Leaders, Managers, and HR Professionals love Chiron Company’s effective training.  We create safe learning environments and facilitate development with focus for results. 

  • We deposit processes into the organization to reinforce learning. 
  • Our  knowledge and style create a safe environment for engaging and experiential learning.
  • Providing a wide variety of topics, we will also create customized curriculum for you. 
  • Our work instills effective methods for dealing with ongoing change and conflict. 
  • We teach ways of communicating more effectively and how to enhance relationships to increase accountability and productive attitudes so that quality work can flow with pride.

PDF download of topics and more information

“Most definitely Jerry demonstrates the communication skills she has been teaching us.  She fosters group/individual empowerment at the same time she guides us, “holding our hand” gently making sure we have received the message intended.”  -SUBAMAH participant



Targeted coaching gives support to the organization by developing specific skill sets that individuals need for strength and confidence for the change of the moment and the future.  Also, individuals seek our coaching to increase leadership skills, executive presence, and career planning.  Life coaching is also available for personal life matters of relationships, family, and personal goals.

Through strength-based processes, we help you with challenge and support to:

  • Gain clarity and sustain focus for your goals
  • Marshal resources to bolster challenges
  • Develop approaches that can make differences in your relationships
  • Learn to use yourself in ways that produce greater efficiency and fulfillment

“Jerry Browning helps me regain balance, sharpen my focus, and maintain confidence in my own ability and skills.”
- Coaching client with new executive position



We are ready to help make differences that matter to you.



KNOWING YOURSELF is important to fully employ who you are, utilize your life optimally, and to also appreciate the differences in others.

We offer easy tools to help with this process of identifying strengths and becoming further acquainted with the richness that makes each individual unique. 

  • DISC is quickly becoming the most popular instrument in business today.  An online tool, it provides information about behavior that is valuable in hiring, team-building, development, and succession planning.
  • PIAV  - Personal Interests Attitudes and Values brings insight for all kinds of business interactions and life situations.  Also online.
  • The Forte Instrument is completed online and takes 10 minutes creating reports of information about how you perceive yourself, communication style, how you think others perceive you, and group dynamic information.
  • The Myers-Briggs Type Instrument (MBTI) is the most widely used assessment in the world. 

Our tools are online with private access that easy and quick.  We can also conduct group events.
Group reports are also available for team building and group work.   

A Journey of Self-Discovery lies ahead.
Please Contact Us for more information about Assessments and How to Begin

“It is amazing how much more confidence I feel after doing the DISC and PIAV.  It is like I can give myself permission to use the strengths I have.” - Individual coaching client





“Jerry deals with real issues and how to solve them.” - Member of Management Team, Columbus OH

“She is common sense and practical.” - Participant at Caterpillar Regional Conference, Columbus OH

“Best session!” - Workshop Participant, Dayton OH

“She is a very good presenter, energetic, well-spoken.” - Participant of Government Finance Officers Association Cleveland, OH

Chiron Company knows people and business!
  Our work is precise and potent for relationships and the bottom line.

Our enthusiasm is contagious at a deep level. As a motivational speakers, trainers, consultants, and leader advisers, our team’s presence is warm, captivating, and positive.

Repeatedly hired by public and private organizations, we deliver critical information, build practical skills, and create pragmatic experiences for positive change. We awaken passion and curiosity in audiences fostering learning while having fun.

Topics Include:

Leadership, Management, Communication, Conflict, Positive Energy in Negative Times
  • Trust Deficits – Rebuilding Organizational Confidence
  • Using Conflict As Currency for Change – Leveraging Resistance for Positive Impact
  • The Edges of Success – Quality & Creativity Form Your Competitive Edge
  • Leadership & Executive Presence
  • Stress to Success - Management Skills for Healthy People and the Bottom Line
  • Financial Fitness & Fiduciary Fitness
  • Fit Your Money
  • Visioning Amidst Chaos
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